Determining Digirig Version

I’m looking at getting the 9600 baud MiniDin6 audio cable to use with Kenwood Tm-D710 and D700 radios for Winlink VARA FM. The page states that I need version 1.6+ of the Digirig.

How do I determine the version number of my unit?

It was purchased in February 2022.

I will not be using it for any CAT control of the radios, and use the internal TNCs for 1200 Baud packet.

Thanks and 73


You are likely at the current revision 1.9
To confirm check the back side of the PCB.

Yep. 1.9. Thanks Denis.

And thanks for designing the panel for the serial and audio side so that it only goes back on in the correct orientation for when some idiot takes it apart without noting which edge of the panel matches which edge of the box so the markings correspond to the proper jack… Not naming names here…