Didgirig VaraFM and Icom IC-746Pro


Let me start this with the fact that I am new to modern digital modes that use a sound card device. I am just getting back into Amateur radio after about 20 years of being off the air.

I have an Icom IC-746Pro that I got used for a great deal and for voice on 2m FM/USB it has worked great.

I have the Icom 6-pin Data cable connected to the Data jack on the radio and the CI-V connected. I can control the radio with WinLink in Vara HF but I can not get Vara to Transmit on FM 2m or HF.

Can someone tell me the obvious thing I am missing?

In Vara setup, make sure you set to PTT by COM.

You can check that the radio responds to PTT by simulating it as shown here:

I either had a broken Vara FM or did something wrong on install because after I just updated from 4.3.6 to 4.3.7. I was able to select COM1 and can key the radio.

I still think there might be a setting wrong because my receive audio gauge is peeked out.

Make sure you have AGC unchecked in properties of Digirig’s recording device.
That will allow you to set the sensitivity in the level tab.