Digirig 1.10 and Icom IC-2100 blown audio input

I have a brand new Digirig 1.10 that I was using just fine yesterday with an Icom IC-2100 with a Digirig cable. Today it can transmit but not receive. I have tested it with two other radios and both a Raspberry Pi running Direwolf and a Windows laptop running Vara FM. The Vara audio input shows no activity at all. I’m sure I have the right audio card selected.

Is it possible that the audio out from the IC-2100 damaged the Digirig?

If there is a failure it is unlikely caused by your radio. Digirigs are pretty hard to break and people really tried like connecting RS-232 serial lines into the audio socket (that’s up to 30V square wave).

If you are done with all basic troubleshooting and concluded that the input is dead then please PM me and I’ll handle the replacement.

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