Digirig 1.6 (TX500 version) with Yaesu FTM-400

I have a Digirig 1.6 with the TX500 configuration. Can I use the same Digirig for use with the FTM-400 along with the appropriate " Yaesu MiniDin10 9600-baud Data and CAT Cable for Digirig Mobile" cable?

I think the answer is yes to the question since the TX500 and FTM-400 CAT interfaces are both Logic Level and I expect the 3.3V for the TX500 does not connect through on the FTM-400 cable but I wanted to confirm this.

Steve VE3VSK

Yes, with TX-500 configuration the port uses logic levels, but also supplies 3.3V on the second ring of the connector. The serial side of MiniDin10 + CAT cable uses TRRS jack with second ring not connected to anything so this will not cause any issues.