Digirig 1.9 jumpers

I built a cable for my ten-tec 563 and fired up fldigi. Received sig’s worked great. No PTT.

I took the cover off the digirig and noticed none of the pads were soldered or connected.

I assume I need to solder the pads for CMOS given the tec-tec does ICOM CI-V?

I do not have your radio or any radio that runs CI-V control, but I don’t want your question to go too long without a response. Did you receive a “logic levels” Digirig v1.9 despite ordering a CI-V version? The connections of connected pads are very small, and I can’t see them without magnification. I have a magnifier on my solder station which does the job though. Can you confirm?

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Thanks for the reply. I bought the digirig off Amazon and was not asked what logic levels I needed.

I have made a lot of cables for numerous digital modes and have a lot of connectors lying around.

That said, it looks like none of the pads are connected. So I was surfing the support site for a cable to the argonaut V (found that)
but no mention of what pad’s to solder.


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Maybe try a smartphone camera to magnify. The video below shows a continuity check you can use on the pads. If you are satisfied you have logic levels, then you can make the changes to get to CI-V:

described on Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9 – digirig.

The continuity checks and the solder jumpering are demonstrated in this video by @K0TX:

There may be other workarounds for PTT since the radio has a PTT port, serial Port, and interface Port:

RigPix Database - Ten-Tec - Omni VI (563)

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Digirigs sold on Amazon are in default configuration (logic levels).
Even though you don’t see the pre-existing connections, they are present under the black solder mask:

The configuration only matters if you utilize the serial port, which you don’t in case of your ten-tec 563. The PTT functionality is always available regardless of the serial port config. Let’s troubleshoot your PTT situation. See some of the tips for that here:

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