Digirig and Echolink

Has anyone gotten Echolink to work with DigiRig?

I attach the Digirig to the computer and it assigns it to port 15. I configure Echolink to use port 15. I restart and Echolink complains that the port is in use by another program.

I reassigned it from port 15 to port 2 (unused), and get the same message.

I’m planning to run through a Baofeng UV-5R. I used the factory cable with black dual connector to the Baofeng, and connected to the audio port of the Digirig.

I checked the Digirig by using the other cable (green) to connect to the serial port, and was able to successfully use CHIRP to program the Baofeng.

Has anyone sucessfully connected the digirig to Echolink? Any tips or tricks?