Digirig and FT-818

I have a Digirig Mobile v1.6 and am using it with a FT-818 with Win10. I have got the CAT working but am having a time with the TX. Listening on another radio it has a very low output tone. Looking at the radio there is no output nor alc. It is transmitting, just very low tone. I have gone into Win10 and have adjusted all sorts of settings in TUNE on FT8, listening on the other radio, still very low. Can’t remember which slider it was, but could actually make the tone go lower in volume but even at 100%, it gave me no output nor alc via the 818 meter. Everything worked perfect with the Signalink but have since moved on to the Digirig. Help please :slight_smile:

It is almost as if the Digirig doesn’t have hardly any drive. Put my Signalink back on it and everything is fine.

This sounds frustrating. I think you will be able to have success eventually.

One approach is to go in windows console, call mmsys.cpl, a sound application which will let you adjust the Digirig Playback and Record levels and AGC setting (unset).

Make certain in wsjt-x that in Settings → Audio → Soundcard Input and Output, you have the values for the Digirig and not Signalink. You have CAT control working, so PTT is working correctly.

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Check your PC sound output settings and be sure that it has your DigiRig device as ‘destination’ connection. It may still be set for SignaLink.
(You may need to check Sound Input setting, too.)