Digirig and Kenwood G707 FM 2 meters Fldigi Setup


Anyone set up a Kenwood G707 for Fldigi, FM 2 meters? I bought the 6pin DIN cable and the Digirig module. I set the radio for 9600 and have the Serial cable and USB plugged in to the computer with the right driver, the PC assigned it port 10. I also set the driver speed to 9600. In Fldigi I set up the audio (USB) in and out and set PTT to external with RTS. I set the receive to FM and tried FM packet, I see the receive noise streaming but when I try to send there is no PTT and Tx is not enabled. Any help is appreciated! This is my second Digirig, I have one working on my Kenwood TS 480 HF Radio.

That sounds frustrating but I think you are close. There is a step in the fldigi configuration where you initialize the serial PTT connection.

There is also the guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig which is helpful.

73 Chris KC3QVF

I’ll go back and do it all over I remember hitting the initialize button.

@Arvind That was just my “shot in the dark” suggestion, since I have missed that in the past, myself.

73 Constrainted

Well after having changed computers and a few e-mails. I have it working!

Dumb mistake I plugged-in the 6pin DIN to TRS connector into the wrong port. I put it into the audio port and viola it works!

I now have the Kenwood G707 working on FM 2meters using Fldigi on our repeater and also have Winlink Vara FM working. Thanks to Denis for his patience and instant responses.

Wow! Thanks for coming back and letting us know about your success!


73 Constrainted