Digirig and Kenwood TS-870s not straight forward, but success!

I connected digirig and my Kenwood TS-870S to my computer.
I could not get CAT control to work. Neither on Flrig nor WSJTx
After a lot of web searching I found that I needed CTS/RTS fully operational for the TS-870s to work. So I had to resort to using a separate RS232 to USB cable for the CAT.
Then I realised that I didn’t get any audio into the rig. After more reading I found that the PTT has to be triggered by the ACC2 input for the rig to use the ACC2 audio. So I had to move the PTT to the ACC2 cable and not by CAT by configuring it to trigger from the digirig.
So, radio settings in wsjtx:
CAT Control COM17
Baud 9600
Eight data bits
One stop bit
Handshake hardware

PTT method RTS on com 2 (digirig)
Mode USB
Split fake it

I hope this helps someone in the future.


Tobias, thank you for your report.
I understand that you use Digirig for audio and PTT. Were you able to setup CAT control from Digirig or do you continue to use a separate RS-232 dongle for that?

Yes I still use a separate ftdi usb to serial cable for CAT control.
Is it possible to configure the digirig to pass the rts cts through?

RTS is used for PTT control and CTS is not routed to the connector so the hardware flow control needs to be disabled in the software settings for CAT serial port.

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The reason for not being able to use only digirig for the TS-870 is that the TS-870 needs full RTS/CTS functionality for the serial communication to work properly in both directions.

As far as I understand, and what you confirm is that digirig is not wired to allow full RTS/CTS functionality in the serial communication.

Not a big issue, a but unfortunate, but not at all a show-stopper.

Thanks 73