Digirig and Radioddity GD-77

Does Digirig work with the GD-77?
If yes, which cable do I need?

73, Robert OE7OER

Looks like GD-77 uses accessories with K1 connector so Baofeng cables kit should work for it:


One maybe dumb question: why do I need two cables?

One is for data modes, another for programming. Here’s from description:

  • data cable (black K1 connector) combines audio and PTT control, plugs into Digirig’s audio socket
  • Chirp programming cable (green K1 connector) plugs into Digirig’s serial socket

OK, I already own a programming cable, which came with the GD-77.
Do I still need the one for Digirig?

You don’t need another cable if you prefer the programming cable with USB dongle.
The programming cable in Digirig kit allows to use Digirig instead of additional dongle.

Alright, I understand.
Thanks for patience and vy 73!

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Another question: is the data cable with black K1 connector available separately?

Please leave a note with your order that you prefer a single cable and I’ll issue a partial refund.