Digirig and Yaesu Ft857

Hey. Does anyone connect digirig to Ft857? Windows or Android app?


I put a short set of instructions for getting the 857 and VARA FM to work together. Take a look. Some of the info may work for you.

73 & good luck.

Rick, K7RCR

I use a DigiRig with both my FT-857D and FT-818ND, with a windows PC. Im using the cables I bought from DigiRig for the radios and it works really well.

There are two pieces of advice I’d give:

  1. Follow the setup instructions on the DigiRig site - they outline all of the settings and adjustments you need to make in Windows (they’re easy to do but critial to success).

  2. If you end up getting errors only when the radio is transmitting, try the short USB C cable with the ferrites installed. I was using an antenna on the tradio and had RF challenges becuase of that which were solved with the shorter cable that DR sells.

Good luck and let this group know if you have any trouble. Everyone has been very helpful in my expereince and searching can get you a lot of the earlier solves.

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I might be a little late to this post, but you can try using the settings I documented for the FT-817. Working here for my FT-857 as well.

Hope this helps:

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