Digirig as a Sound Card

Running a TS-480 on Digital Modes. Direct Serial Connection for Control of the TS-480HX, Ran direct Audio to the Computer Sound Card for years with no issues. Computer started acting up and instead of wiping it and reloading Windows 7. I bought a new Computer Win10 Pro with native Serial Port for control of the TS-480HX, thinking it would probably last another 8 years or so in the ham Station. Decided with the new computer to add a second external USB Sound Card for the Digital Modes and leave the internal Sound Card for actual computer Sounds and perhaps watching and occasional video. Grounded the Computer to the shack ground network but having some problems with RF getting into the Audio on 40 meters any time I get above 10 watts. All other bands, no problems. I have a simple Audio Interface with transformers for audio isolation. I do not need the Rig Control feature on that radio but I am thinking that the Digirig Sound Card might be better suited for the RF environment. Is anybody doing that? Digirig is only slightly more expensive than an external USB Sound Card so I do not mind spending the money. Plus, I think that I might eventually use it with one of my other radios at some point. Interested in hearing the comments.

Regardless of sound card used, consider adding some ferrite beads to your cables as well as a USB isolator if you have a lot of RFI or ground loop hum.

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Good thoughts. Since the TS-480 is controlled by a Serial Cable…no usb is in use except for the mouse. Probably should order some ferrite cores and go through everything. I have do have two eight foot ground rods about 12 feet apart for a station ground. Just bothers me, I did not have this problem before switching computers. Like the new computer just some issues to work through. Thanks, N4GTE

I am pretty impressed with what I see about the Digirig. A lot of capability for a reasonable price. I do have a Rigblaster Plug and Play for my 706mk2, that I last used in Angola back in 2011 as D2GT.

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I suspect the USB is still involved when it comes to your serial cable (USB-to-UART bridge), but it can be internal to the computer. If that’s the case then it will hard to isolate. Digirig has both sound card and serial port for CAT/CI-V control and can be isolated from the computer at USB side. If nothing else works you can give it a try.

I hope the ferrite beads work. What’s a D2GT?

73 Constrainted

D2GT was my callsign in the country of Angola, where I was working installing a Gas Turbine Power Plant. I was DX for my time there, although not the only active amateur in the country. Still was a lot of fun on my off time from work.

OK, thanks for that explanation! Your entry for that callsign is still in QRZ.com. I thought it might have been a piece of gear you used in Angola!