Digirig Audio with VaraFM/Baofeng - UVS9Plus


I am a relatively new ham, and brand new to Digirig (just purchased my first unit). I am using a Digirig Mobile in the Logic Levels configuration, I am hooked up via a shielded USB C cable to my laptop and then linked via the Baofeng cable to the radio. I have been following directions here:

The radio is hooked up and I hear input coming in over the monitor that I set up to my default speaker - but the audio is muffled (currently set to monitor NOAA, but the audio is garbled). I have adjusted the levels on the device, made sure AGC was disabled, and have verified that the device I’m monitoring is the correct one with disconnect/reconnecting the digirig. I have also verified the radio is receiving when disconnected. I am thinking I have some mode set incorrectly or am having an issue with a driver.

Serial Bridge looks ok, I’ve installed the latest Silicon Labs CP210x UART bridge and the device is showing active in the device manager. The sound card is showing differently than the demo videos (USB Audio Device vs PNP). I haven’t been able to find any information on this issue and would appreciate any guidance.

Congratulations on getting going with your Digirig and HT.

Is garbled audio the problem?

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Yes, the audio is not decipherable at all when monitoring. Sounds like a beehive with occasional human like undertones.

I am basically trying the debug steps laid out in the sound card troubleshooting video by K0TX here:

At the point where he enables the listen mode to hear the weather station, that’s the point I hear unintelligible audio. I have tried multiple radios to eliminate the radio as an issue (same behavior across a UV-5R and an S9Plus).

Thanks for clarifying. Sometimes there is a mismatch between 44K and 48K audio. I have my Digirig USB PnP microphone set like this in Windows 11:

to 48000 Hz audio.

How is yours set?

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I found the issue, it wasn’t the format or sample rate, but windows 11 has an additional option in this dialog for audio enhancements that’s enabled by default. Disabling this audio enhancement fixes the audio issue. Thanks for talking it through with me!


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Great! Glad you found it!

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