Digirig / BaoFeng H6 HT / Gpredict with Hamlib

Continuing the discussion from PTT Question - Digirig / Baofeng HT / Fldigi on RPI4:

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Curtis_Williams wrote

"I am working with DigiRig / Baofeng H6 / GPredict to play on satellites.

I can’t figure out how to get it to work. GPredict uses HAMLIB and Baofeng doesn’t show up as a supported radio.

Does anyone have any tips on A. How to even get the rig working with any piece of softare - I have FLRig and others. B. Any ideas on getting it to work with HAMLib?"

I think you will be partly successful, but you will not be able to change the frequency on the Baofeng via the Digirig. When I started out with the Baofeng HT with Digirig, I got APRS on 144.390 working first. Receiving, then transmitting with PTT over COM using PinpointAPRS or some other APRS client program.

To confirm operation with hamlib, consider using WSJT-X which uses hamlib. Even though you will not encounter FT4 or FT8 traffic on VHF/UHF, you can confirm operation if you have another HT to monitor your transmissions. But you will not be able to control the frequency on the Baofeng.

Then you can move to the Gpredict portion. This sounds exciting, let us know how it works out!

73 Constrainted

Thanks, this is satellite tracking so really need an HT for it. Any suggestions? Trying to find CAT controlled HT is challenging