Digirig drivers?

Does the Digirig need drivers? I am trying to hook up an FT_897 and a Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 11.

Digirig’s presents itself to computer as a soundcard and a serial port. You should be able to see them in the computer’s Device Manager.

The soundcard is a standard USB device and doesn’t require any drivers, but the serial bridge might need a driver on some computers. Please refer to Getting Started tutorial for the detailed info.

My digirig works fine on my Windons 10 machine but does not bring up the com port. Receives fine but won’t transmit. Is there a correction?

I didn’t finish my sentence, but won’t work on the windows 11 machine.

Let’s look at the screenshots of the device manager in both systems. Please make sure to expand COM ports group and any groups containing devices with the exclamation mark icon.