Digirig & Flrig & Xiegu G-90

I have been trying to get this system going for the last couple of weeks, but am getting nowhere very fast.
The PC I want to use is a fully patched Win 10 laptop. I have installed version 1.4.7 Flrig software, and this is where things don’t work, although I folllowed the installation/configuration procedure which is clearly detailed in K8MRD"s video. By the way, the dongle is always well detected by my PC (as Comm11). but won"t show up for configuration of Flrig. Incidentally I used two different usb A to C cable, just in case, I also installed Flrig a fews times.

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More details are needed. Going by the checklist in the getting started guide:

  1. USB connectivity - sounds like this works
  2. Audio - do you get audio from/to transceiver?
  3. PTT - can you key up the radio by RTS?
  4. CAT control - does it work?

Last 3 can be tested independently as outlined in the troubleshooting guide. Depending on where the problematic area is, we can look at the relevant transceiver/software settings.

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