I’m using a DigiRig with the 9600 baud cable between my Laptop and my FTM-400XD. I have Vara FM Modem set for WIDE. I can connect with a nearby station in Wide mode and everything seems to be working OK.
My question is that the Audio Input meter in the Vara-FM Modem screen is moving around -9 dB, 75 to 80 percent full scale when there is no signal being received by the FTM-400. The DigiRig Mic level input in the Windows Sound settings is set to very near zero. Raising the Mic input level in the Windows Sound control will drive the Audio Input into the RED section of the meter. Lowering the Mic level to zero only lowers the Audio Input signal to around 60 percent or so. I’m assuming the 9600 baud audio output from the FTM-400 does not go through the Squelch or Volume control circuits in the radio and the Audio Input signal I am seeing is white noise when there is not signal being received by the radio. My question is, are there any adjustments for audio input signal levels in the DigiRig or in the FTM-400 menu settings? Is the Windows Sound Level Control the only adjustment that is available for user adjustment. Also, if the -8 to -9 Audio Input being seen on the Vara-FM modem’s screen any cause for concern?
Basically I’m just trying to optimize the audio settings for VarAC use on two meters and it seems there is very little control adjustment with the Windows Sound Level settings.


You can click “listen” in Digirig’s recording device to monitor the incoming signal on your computer’s speakers. Make sure the default device assignments and AGC settings are correct per the setup tutorial. And yes, there should be no squelch applied for digital operation.

Thanks for the reply Denis.

Turning on the Listen option in Windows does confirm the Audio that the Vara-FM modem is showing on the Audio Input meter is indeed white noise coming from the FTM-400, via the DigiRig’s Mic Input.

If I unplug the cable from the FTM-400 radio to the DigiRig, (Audio) the Audio Input level on the Vara-FM modem’s meter goes to zero.


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Sounds like everything is normal in your setup. No reasons for concern.

I’m using nearly the same setup as Keith (a local friend) and actually we are connecting to each other with marginal results. Like his, my audio also “looks” loud on the meters. When I do an autotune in VARA, it tells me I have excessive audio on the “speaker” side of the device. If I cut the ATT trace, will that reduce the audio out of the device? Does the attenuator go inline both input AN output?


Activating the attenuator is certainly an option, but before you do that make sure that AGC is unchecked as discussed earlier in the thread.

It’s unchecked. Been driving me crazy BUT I did discover something that helped. My DigiRig sound device had a Speaker AND Mic on the same speaker device. I had to MUTE the Mic to get everything to work properly.
Screenshot 2023-10-04 221459

Seems to work now.

Interesting. I didn’t see that setting making any difference before.
Does the issue come back if you unmute it? I wonder if this was coincidental with some other change.

I was making several individual changes (slider up, down, etc.) and then either auto-tuning or pinging after each one, so that was the only change at that time. However, I didn’t uncheck it and see if it reverted. I will try that when I get home tonight. Thanks!!

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I have the default Digirig and the “Digirig Mobile MiniDin 10 Audio Cable for Yaesu FTM Shielded w Ferrites, New” cable (no bent pins…) for my Yaesu FTM-400XDR radio. I think I’ve done all the checks and I think I have everything set up right, and I still get no audio from the radio. Transmit seems to be OK. I get no audio in the “listen” mode. My intention was to use the Digirig and the FTM-400 with VarAC, which works fine with another radio and a Signalink box. If I use the Digirig and the FTM-400 with the Winlink software that runs the other radio, transmit works fine but it has no audio from the radio.

I’ve tuned the radio to the local weather channel to get a constant receive signal.

I get no movement on the vertical bar meter in the Recording device selection window (where the Digirig is selected as the default device and the level slider is at 100%).

I seem to be running out of things to try. I’ve watched the videos and read the sections on setup and troubleshooting (but maybe I haven’t done something I should have). I’ve set the radio to use the “B” band for this purpose.

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Does the audio output from your radio (1200 vs 9600) match the cable you are using? I see your order for 1200 baud cable.

Here’s the relevant info from the transceiver’s documentation:

Changing packet data bandwidth from narrow 1200 baud to wide 9600 baud:

  • Rotate the FUNC knob to select [71 DATA SPEED] then press the FUNC knob.
  • Rotate the FUNC knob to select [DATA] then press the FUNC knob.
  • Rotate the FUNC knob to select the packet communication speed. Factory default value: 1200bps. To use this cable select “9600 bps” then press the FUNC knob.
  • Press the [BACK] key twice.

If that checks out, check the continuity in the cable:

Just to be sure I understand, I need to set the data speed to 9600 for the 1200 Baud cable? The manual shows pin 5 is the 1200 Baud pin (pin 4 being the 9600 Baud pin). Wouldn’t I have to set the radio to the 1200 Baud output to get audio on pin 5? I’ll do what I think you’ve asked, but it just seems odd.

And the diagram shows the solder side of the 10-pin connector, so I reverse that for the side to which I have access, right? (My concern would be Tip to pin 5, presuming the others work - but I’ll check them all…)

And thanks for the amazingly fast reply.

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

Apologies for confusion. The setting for 1200 baud cable should be 1200bps.
There is different cable that is wired for 9600 baud and this is where the instructions came from.

Good call on your part. There is no continuity between the tip and pin 5 or any other pin. The other connections check out. That’s certainly consistent with the observations.

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

RR, thanks for troubleshooting. Replacement cable inbound.

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Thanks for the instantaneous help. I saw the latest email.

Great customer support!

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

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