Digirig / Icom 2730A / Vara FM - No PTT

I just got a Digirig Mobile with the Icom cable to try out Vara FM. I’ve got it setup and I am getting audio to the computer, but I can’t seem to get PTT to work. I have tried plugging the RJ45 into both MIC slots, but still no joy. I have tried a half dozen different settings in Vara FM to get it to work and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? Is there another program that I can try to see if it’s something with the program? TIA

Adding some additional info after reading through the other posts.

Radio: I do have the digirig cable connected to the audio port of the digirig. On the 2730A, the RJ45 is plugged into the mic plug and the audio cable is plugged into SP-2 on the radio.

Software: I have configured as VOX

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You shouldn’t be using VOX with a Digirig and VARA FM. Change to COM PTT.

I had previously tried COM PTT and all the settings under that setting page. Ultimately I was able to get it working (with the COM PTT setting) yesterday with either a reboot of the computer or running updates on the computer. I ran updates and then rebooted and it started working. I read through many of the blogs and articles on the site and the Digirig seems very flexible. It would be helpful to start having some more radio specific documentation around. I had to wade through quite a number of articles and still ended up guessing on the settings.

For anyone that finds this in the future, here’s the setup that got me working:

Icom 2730A - Digirig ICOM cables plugged into Mic port and SP2 [Speaker output 2] (I chose SP2, so right freqency audio went to computer and left audio still comes out of the speaker on the radio)

Digirig - Digirig ICOM cable plugged into AUDIO port


  • Audio tab settings - Both Microphone and speakers set to the Digirig USB audio
  • PTT tab Settings - COM PTT - COM10 selected - RTS selected

Whether you use sp1 or 2 is your choice, dependent on how you configure your radio. This is the crux of the issue with providing “specific” instructions on how to connect things - each user may have their own operating style, necessitating differences.

I’m not trying to be condescending, but the reality is that it doesn’t get much simpler than plugging a Digirig cable into the audio port and the mic port. After that, to each their own.

Most of the variability comes from the PC side. Very rarely is there “one way” to do something. This of course, is very frustrating to new users. Manufacturers (radio) today have slimmed down their manuals to almost be pointless. Referring to manuals a generation or two older can shed a LOT of information on a subject, back when they actually contained useful information.