Digirig, icom, and FSK keying

Hey team,

I have a recently purchased digirig and icom cable set that’s working fine for AFSK modes - and I’m primarily using FT8.

I haven’t tried - but curious from the community if the stock cables are wired so that I can do true FSK keying for old-school RTTY on my 746pro.

Thanks in advance.

John, n4tii

With sound card based interfaces like Digirig, the radio doesn’t have to understand anything about the digital mode being used. Just switch the mode to RTTY in FlDigi.

Oh I understand I can send AFSK-based ritty with it - using the digirig sound card to generate the mark and space… but the rig is capable of generating its own provided the interface is setup to trigger those lines on the ACC connector. I was curious if the cable is wired so that if I configure something like MMTTY to leverage toggling RTS and DTS for mark and space, will it do it?

For example, I had an old “Buxcom Rascal” - he’ll tell the radio to send FSK in rtty mode on the radio.

There is no particular benefit for using radio’s internal interface if more capable external interface is connected, but it can be done. When the internal TNC uses serial data connection, you can interface computer with it through Digirig’s serial port.