Digirig is no longer recognized

After 2 weeks of working fine, the Digirig is no longer recognized by the PC.

I have tried it on several PCs and laptops, but the Digirig no longer works.

Wilfred, did you have a chance to try with a different USB cable?

Ja, ik heb meerder kabels geprobeerd.

Do you receive any error messages or see any entries with the exclamation mark icon in the Device Manager?

nee, helemaal niets.

alleen onder Verborgen apparaten weergeven zie je hem staan.

Dit apparaat is momenteel niet op de computer aangesloten, of er is geen verbinding met dit apparaat. (Code 45)

After trying everything again, no more signs of life from Digirig.

Drivers reinstalled.
Tried other cables.
Tried on other PCs and laptops.

I think the Digirig is broken.

I can certainly take a look at it. Please PM for return shipping info.

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