Digirig +KX-2+WSJT-X Config?

Does anybody know the EXACT configuration for the Digirig +KX-2+WSJT-X ?

thank you in advance

Pablo WA6RSV

Please check out these posts.
If you still can’t make it work then post your config and we’ll go over it.

Thanks! Well I’m finally getting WSJT-X and Digirig to communicate with the KX2. (laptop windows 10/64bit). All I have left to fix now is that when WSJT-X triggers the KX-2 nothing happens…no RF power…the transmitter is triggered with no output. I did check the audio codecs andlevels and they seem ok. Any thoughts or ideas?.
Thank you in advance
Pablo WA6RSV

You can confirm that the audio comes out of Digirig by just plugging in the regular headphones into the audio socket. You should hear the tone on one side when sending. If you do then the issue is either with radio settings or the cable. If you don’t then it’s on the software/digirig side.