Digirig & KX3 CAT WSJT-x

I bought a Digirig to simplify cable management for FT8 when I am portable. However I am having problems getting it to work. My setup is KX3 & MacBook Air with WSJT-X. Direct connections to the laptop from the KX3 works fine, In trying to setup Digirig CAT control of KX3 I get the following error from WSJT-X:
Hamlib error: rig_flush: called for serial device
read_string_generic called, rxmax=4095 direct=1, expected_len=1
write_block(): TX 3 bytes, method=2
0000 49 44 3b ID;
read_string_generic called, rxmax=128 direct=1, expected_len=1
read_string_generic(): Timed out 1.003 seconds after 0 chars, direct=1
kenwood_transaction: read_string(expected=128, len=0)=‘’
kenwood_transaction: read_string retval < 0, retval = -5, retry_read=1, rs->rigport.retry=1
kenwood.c(624):kenwood_transaction returning2(-5) Communication timed out

2:kenwood.c(1098):kenwood_get_id returning(-5) Communication timed out

verify_kenwood_id: cannot get identification
2:rig.c(7478):async_data_handler_stop entered
2:rig.c(7508):async_data_handler_stop returning(0)
ser_close: restoring options
1:rig.c(1273):rig_open returning(-5) Communication timed out

Communication timed out
Communication timed out
while opening connection to rig

I am not running HAMLIB nor Kenwood. This happens no matter which of the 2 serial devices I choose (not the USB Audio). I have an RS232 Digirig which is recommended for KX3.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

73 de KN6OKN

That sounds frustrating. You may want to check the guide Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig for some next steps.

WSJT-x runs hamlib for you. The fact that Kenwood rather than Elecraft is mentioned indicates that you should check File → Settings → Radio and select Elecraft KX3 as the Rig in WSJT-x.

Let us know if that improves things. You are very close to success.

73 Constrainted

Got everything working. Bad cable connection (egg on. face!)

Marty KN6OKN

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Congratulations! Thanks for reporting the good news.

73 Constrainted