Digirig Lite 1.2 w/ iOS + USB-C to Lightning adapter?

Has anyone tried the Digirig Lite 1.2 with iOS and a USB-C > Lightning adapter like this one?


I’d like to to use the DR Lite w/ the Radiomail (for winlink) and iFTx (for FT8) iOS apps with a lightning-equipped iphone while portable.

Thanks for any experience or tips!

73 de KQ4QCM

i can’t offer any experience on the adapter.

you may already be aware but just in case;

phone+digirig (or any soundcard interface) for winlink, you are limited to packet.
no vara hf/fm (that would require a device capable of running the vara windows binary)

ft8, no problem.

good luck,

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I’d love to hear how you get RadioMail on iOS to work without a separate TNC.

Yes, have only done it using a Mobilinkd TNC, hence the question…so, is your response intended as a thinly veiled insult, or a helpful comment that it won’t work?

I didn’t keep the mobilinkd because there is no APRS activity or gateways near me, and it doesn’t do FT8, so it was not the right tool for my needs or location. I am looking for a tool that will work better for my location and needs.

Heh, neither. I love doing APRS on my iPhone and HT, but haven’t yet figured out how to get RadioMail or anything else to cooperate. Was hoping you or someone else had.

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Ok, haha, understood - sorry, it’s hard to read tone in this format! :upside_down_face:

I suspect you are correct re: need for a TNC, but that’s why I’m asking…hopefully someone can chime in and enlighten us! :+1:

i don’t have an iphone so that’s why my response was un-informative

as for android devices;
ft8cn or ft8 radio, does a fine job working ft8.
it can do so with the digirig, supporting cat/c-iv control of the radio as well.
it can do it with just an audio cable and usb to cat/c-iv cable (ptt command rather than vox)

as far as winlink, the most popular ‘modem protocol’ is vara. hf or fm.
vara is limited to a device capable of running a windows binary.

there is a setup, varanny, that installs the vara modems and ‘other stuff’ on a cube pc that creates a remote hotspot for iphone winlink use.
that kind of defeats the super portable ‘kit’ idea but does work.

so, that leaves us with only 1 modem protocol that just about any device can produce on it’s own.
plain old packet.
the sound device of the phone/whatever can make the tones and output either through the speakers or headset or external audio device like a digirig.

for winlink use, this limits you to a vhf/uhf gateway running packet along with or instead of varaFM AND being close enough to connect with.
(woad doesn’t do 300bps packet for hf work, not that any gateways are running hf packet)

so that’s the best explanation i can give on using winlink with JUST a phone.
winlink=not really

i use ft8 and winlink regularly in the field.
if i don’t bring the evolve maestro III, my winlink range is 30miles from my tower (packet)
i like to spot myself when POTA activating and winlink vara HF is much more reliable for me.
(so the little laptop usually gets thrown on the motorcycle as well)

btw, aprs gateways are very sparse here too.
mine being one in a 60 mile radius