Digirig Lite Setup Video on HRCC

HRCC released a video with some helpful setup info for the Digirig Lite.

Looks like it shows up as an audio device instead of a device on a port. The PTT slection in Vara FM is RA-Board on the left channel. I see that the changelog on the sales page says right channel, so I’m not sure if that has changed since the production of this video.

The left channel selection demonstrated in the video around 9:51 pertains to the source of the audio payload. For the PTT method that Josh selected is RA-Board also known as PTT by GPIO3 of the codec. This is the primary PTT option in Digirig Lite, but the interface also supports PTT by VOX on the right channel which can be useful in situation when the software doesn’t support the GPIO3/RA-Board option.

Cool. Thank you for clarifying!

Now the real question is when can we get one! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Preorders for next batch (likely end of this month) are at:


New technician, trying to get this to work. My computer recognizes the digirig lite and shows it under “Audio Inputs and Outputs” but no Port is listed. I found info that is normal and OK for the digirig lite? But when I go into the properties of the microphone I don’t see “Custom” as a tab so I cant uncheck AGC.

I get the impression that on my version this tab is simply not displayed anymore, but unclicking “Allow Applications to take exclusive control of this device” also disables AGC?