Digirig Mic Volume Above 38% loses audio

Windows 11 Home
Digirig Mobile 1.9
Xeigu G90

Followed all tutorials regarding Windows 11 settings and I’m successfully using MSHV/WSJTX. No issues there.

Vara HF through Winlink, however, thinks the audio level is too low. It hovers in the -50 range. I tried to increase the Mic volume in Control Panel, however, when I get to 39%, the audio completely cuts out and the waterfall turns to this:

I don’t see any references to this. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to make a Vara connection due to this issue.

G90 Aux Out volume is maxed out at 15. No difference when I back it off. 38% is the magic number that works, 39% doesn’t. Like a switch. No in between.


Thanks in advance!

Sounds this similar issue, so linking here. References an RMA.

@jbdubbs Thanks for searching the forums. Another thing to check before requesting the RMA from @K0TX is AGC unset on the RX audio in Win11.

73 Constrainted

Thanks. Yep, I’ve run through several audio setup tutorials, including turning off the AGC. No issues there. I’ll wait to see if anybody has ideas before I request the RMA.

Does this happen with radio not connected to Digirig?
BTW: you can increase the level in G90’s line output in radio’s menu.

I’ve both increased the volume to 15 and decreased it down to 8 on the G90 and everything in between. No change.

I’ll test without the G90 connected to the miniDin tomorrow.

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I’ve confirmed that this does in fact happen with the G90 disconnected from the audio cable.

After a heck of a lot of troubleshooting, it seems like Vara is to blame. The digirig behavior is still strange, however, it isn’t preventing connections as originally thought. Let me know what you think about the volume issue and I can test more.

Watching this thread. My HF VARA waterfall doesn’t respond (get darker or lighter) to mic input levels. Fortunately, the VU meter does respond, and it does get plenty high with my IC 7300.

IC-7300? That rig has an internal interface.
Are you using Digirig with it?

No, just commenting on strange behavior of VARA HF.

I don’t think this has much to do with this thread TBH. @MrMagumba

@K0TX , do you have any suggestions for what to do with my initial issue. Still causing low volume issues on Vara and ARDOP. Actually needed to pipe the headphone jack from the G90 separately into the laptop to get good audio levels for consistent connections.

I’ve also confirmed that this happens both on Windows 11 and Linux.

If you suspect this is hardware issue, I’ll be up for swapping your Digirig out. Please PM for arrangements if you want to go ahead with it.