Digirig mobile dead? how to diagnose? fix?

Hi guys,

I’ve had my digirig mobile since 10/2022 but other than a smoke test when I first got it in the mail, I haven’t used it since.

Finally have a shack at home again since last weekend, everything worked flawlessly for 20 hours or so. However, yesterday the serial started acting up. Then last night the output side intermittently stopped working, but when I cycled the device by unplugging it, it usually came back. This morning, neither the output nor the input side is working. It’s deaf mute :frowning: although serial still does.

Setup is KX3/PX3/KXPA100, serial goes to PA. Digirig mobile connected with factory cables to rig. Digirig has USB isolator to USB hub to machine. There’s no RF in the shack, RF and safety ground is fine.

Troubleshooting so far is as follows: Signals show up on panadapter. Audio from rig is fine as well. Monitored audio input from the OS side, and it sees nothing on that particular interface, “flat line”, except more noise on low end and less on high end of 0-4kHz audio, nothing unusual there (other than dead).

I’ve gone over the settings a million times, that is not it. It’s not muted. Removed device in software, reinstalled device. No change. Did a backflip for good measure. No change. (Thanks for reading this far!).

Is there anything else to try? Has anyone seen this before? This looks like the device is progressively failing but after such a short period of time of actually being used and just a year in my hands sitting in its shipping box, I’m a little surprised. And stumped.

73 Christian AK7VV

This is hw rev 1.9. I just opened the case up to see something let smoke out and there’s no obvious physical damage.

Do you still see audio input and audio output components in the control panel?
Any level bars next to them?

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Yes, I see the input and output devices, bars are there, but not showing activity.

Do you hear the audio when you patch digirig’s input to computer’s speakers?

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Ok, shoot me, it’s all back and awake again. I literally sat here just looking at it and the audio level came back on the input device/jack. I don’t understand :wink: Whatever magic handwaving you just did in Colorado, thank you.

Any ideas on the intermittent audio out? What I saw last night was that during FT8 calls, one in every dozen or so times, the radio would get keyed but no audio out.

73 Christian AK7VV

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If the issue resurfaces, just use the video above to troubleshoot it. Could be a flaky cable connection.

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Will do. Thank you. :+1:t2:

PS: Applied a tiny amount of contact cleaner, just in case something wasn’t happy. Let’s see!

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Turns out, there’s more! :slight_smile: I wrote this up in case anyone else stumbles into this. Short story, it has to do with reconnecting remotely via Parsec, and a side effect of that.

I don’t yet know if that’s all, but this fixed the behavior for now.

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