Digirig mobile, USDX+, Digirig usdx cable, cannot use vox

Hello, just purchased the Digirig mobile with the Digirig custom uSDX cable. Digirig is installed on my win 10 laptop using WSJT-X. Red end of cable is in the uSDX+ Mic jack and the Green end into the HP jack per instructions. FT8 decoding nicely but cannot transmit. Radio will not allow me to enable VOX when the MIC cable is plugged in. Any thoughts or guidance? Thanks,

Digirig’s default PTT method is via RTS. Radio’s VOX is not used.

Yup, took me a while to get it but I have it all sorted and working. A bit confusing for a newbie at first.


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Yes, a bit tricksie for each radio. It took me a while to figure it out. Check you have selected the correct input and outputs. Check your volume and port settings. Squelch off, VOX off. Deselect Cat control, it’s an audio setup. Maybe one of these might punch you through. I think there are a few more pointers I’ve learned. Will let you know as they come to me…

What do you use for rig control? Must be missing something…Im using pretty much the same set up…Digirig mobile, uSDX+ and Digirig usdx cables…
Looks like its decoding/receiving…But I’m getting Rig Control Error…