Digirig not displaying Com Port

This is my first post in the forum so bear with me. I have been trying to interface my Baofeng UV-5R with Fldigi using the digirig. I had purchased the digirig, digirig baofeng cables and the digirig usb c to usb a cables through Amazon. When I plug in the digirig with the Baofeng not connected on the device manager I see the Usb Pnp sound device displayed under the sound section. I do not see the com port displayed under the Com port section. One thing I did notice is when the Digirig is plugged in a new section called “Other Devices” pops up and in it the item “CP2102N USB to Uart Bridge Controller” appears. I believe this has to be related to the Digirig because if I disconnect the Digirig the Other Devices section goes away. I believe I am close to getting this working if the Didirig would finally appear under Com Ports. Is there something I am missing to solving this puzzle? Thanks for your support

That’s frustrating, but you may be close to success.

In the Getting Started guide Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig there is a link to the drivers for the CP2102. Have you installed the driver? Even though the device may be recognized, the driver to create the COM port may not be there or being seen by the OS.

Let us know how it works out.

73 Constrainted

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