DigiRig not recognized on Android Galaxy Tab A?

Is the DigiRig supposed to be recognized as an audio device somehow when connected to a tablet?

I have read other posts where users mention a headphone icon at the top of the android screen. My Galaxy Tab A does not show that or seem to acknowledge anything when I plug in the DigiRig.

WoAD is sending output to the tablet speaker and doesn’t have anything under USB for PTT. Just seems like the tablet isn’t seeing it.

For those like me just getting started, the Android device definitely should show a headset icon or something like it at the top when you connect your DigiRig. If it doesn’t, that device is probably too old or weird to work.
I finally found a newer Android burner phone (a super-cheap trac-fone) laying around the house and it detected the DigiRig and even allowed me to send a Winlink message from WoAd!