DigiRig not showing up in com port

You know that picture in the trouble shooting section? Well, I’m locked and loaded.
When I first got my DigiRig I used it to program 2 Baofeng Gt-3tp radios, no problem. Then my computer updated itself. The DigiRig shows up under :Other Devices" and will grey out or be in bold print when unplugged/plugged in. Under Com ports, it remains greyed out regardless so when I try to use Chirp I get "could not open port ‘com3’: FileNotFoundError(2, ‘The system cannot find the file specified.’,None, 2) I can plug in other programming cables and they will turn bold and work. I was going to re-download the universal driver but Express Zip says it’s either corrupt or an invalid file.
TIA, Greg

That is a high level of frustration! Which version of Windows are you using? Maybe your idea to reinstall the driver is the right approach.

I use Windows 11 to download the CP210 USB to UART driver from here:

CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers - Silicon Labs (silabs.com)

The Windows 11 file manager lets me extract the zip file by right clicking and selecting Extract. (I do not use a 3rd Party application to unzip.) Then I follow the instructions in the ReleaseNotes.txt file for manual install. That is, I right click on:


and select Install.

73 Constrainted

There is a high level of frustration, it’s the old “every time I learn the rules they change them” thing with computers and me.
But I am up and running so once I get my radios reprogrammed it will be time to try VARA FM. Fingers crossed.
Thanks again Constrained and 73

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Thanks for reporting this great progress. Let us know how Vara FM goes!

73 Constrainted

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