DigiRig not working on Kenwood TH-F6A (check SP/MIC settings in menu)


I am a fairly new DigiRig user and have been using DigiRig on a Kenwood TMD-700 to access WinLink via WinLink Packet. I wanted to have the ability to access WinLink on an HT for ARES use. So, I bought the Wouxon cable set.

I had quite a challenge getting WinLink to talk to the Kenwood TH-F6A via DigiRig (and none of it was DigiRig’s fault). First I was using WinLink Express and the Packet WinLink setting and SoundModem 1.18. I know some people use Vara HF WinLink option. I am not sure what the difference is, though.

I chose the COM port associated with the DigiRig USB in DeviceManager as well as the USB sound card and microphone options. The same software configuration that I used for the Kenwood TMD-700. The only change was I used the Black Wouxon external headset-type connector for the TH-F6A instead of the two cables used to connect to the TMD-700.

Whatever I did I could not get WinLink to activate the PTT on the TH-F6A. With much help from DigiRig support I did continuity tests on the cable, shorted pins on the cable, nothing would get transmit from the TH-F6A. I have two different TH-F6As and the same result on both of them.

I came across a post where a fellow HAM reset his Baofeng to factory defaults. I decided this was worth a shot. Interestingly, if you turn off the TH-F6A, hold down the F(unction) key while hitting the power button it gives you the option to just reset the menu options and retain your Channel Memory. After doing this, magically it worked.

Turns out I must have unknowingly switched the Speaker/MIC to either TNC or PC mode effectively disabling the use of external microphone functions. I must have also replicated that setting to both of my radios when I pulled the programming from one radio to the other via the PC programming software. I believe it was TH-F6A menu item #9 SP/MIC should be set to SP/MIC. I would have saved myself hours of troubleshooting had I checked this earlier. But, I would not have learned nearly as much.

MANY thanks to Denis from DigiRig who patiently guided me through the troubleshooting process.

My next challenge is getting the Yaesu FT-897D to talk WinLink via DigiRig and VaraHF if anyone has suggestions on this.

I hope this saves some folks a little time and frustration.

73, Doug/KI4VDU

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