DigiRig on a Smartphone


Is there a way to use Apps like WOAD with DigiRig connected to the smartphone and using it to directly PTT a handheld radio? I am aware some had made FT8CN work, but I am looking to using WOAD or similar apps to access our VHF packet network with requires constant handshaking, so VOX won’t do. I know some functionality should be already built in on the apps, but I am just curious, as it would reduce the hardware to carry during an emergency. Thanks to all!

WoAD does have PTT by RTS option in the settings under sessions->select session->settings->TNC configuration->PTT USB RTS

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My present version doesn’t have the PTT option, but I went to the link and got the right version. I am working now on getting it to run, but for some reason, when I plug the DigiRig , APRSdroid gets launched. Is there a way to de-associate the DigiRig from that app? Thanks again!

Fount the relevant setting under
System Settings → Apps and Notifications → WoAD → Open by default → Clear Defaults

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