Digirig PTT problem with VARA-FM and FT-897

I wanted to use the digirig mobile with the FT-897 and VARA FM. Audio in/out are ok, Digirig creates a comport on my computer. I cannot get the PTT working, whatever I try.
I have the original Digirig FT-897 cables connected to the radio. I thought the digirig creates the PTT on the 6 pin Din connector when I set the comport in VARA FM to the correct baudrate and comport. I also tried setting the Yaesu radio with CAT Control, Com4, 4800 Baud, did not work.
The Digirig is in its default configuration (no traces cut)

The CAT port of the FT897 seems to work, tried it with winlink express and the frequency is set correctly.

Yes, Digirig controls PTT via pin in MiniDin6. It is triggered by RTS signal of the serial port.
This video shows how to configure it in Vara:

This video shows general PTT troubleshooting:

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My configuration of VARA was correct. I tried the same configuration on another PC and it worked. After a lot of try and error I found a solution. I changed the comport setting from COM4 to COM16. I have no idea why COM4 did not work, it was not used by another program, it was ok in device manager, the silab driver was the same and latest version.

Thank you for the update and for posting the solution.
Maybe there was some software locking your COM4. The serial ports require exclusive access so once one app connects it, nothing else can use it.

maybe … on the other hand, when the comport is locked, there is usually an error message from VARA that the comport cannot be accessed.