Digirig RJ45 and Winlink 2nd try

Radio is an Icom 880. I have used Signalink and Soundmodem to successfully send emails to Winlink. I can’t get Winlink and Digirig / RJ45 cable with Soundmodem to work properly. I had a message in the Outbox trying the Digirig / RJ45 cable but it was not sent. See the attachment for the results of the unsuccessful attemp. Anyone know a possible correction? The RJ45 cable is plugged into the Audio socket. Tnx N9KO
n9ko results winlink

Based on this document the messages you see at the end of the exchange suggest that the session was completed normally.

  • FF means you have no more messages to upload to the CMS
  • FQ means that the CMS has no more messages to download to you

If there is an issue it’s likely in the application level and you’d likely have the same result with other interface handling the connection.

Thanks for your comments. I will dig into Winlink application first. Seems like Soundmodem is working because the session was completed normally.