Digirig Setup with WSJT and N1MM+

I purchased a Digirig to try and reduce the rats nest of wires I had. I chose the RS232 model, as I needed the Radio Control and the PTT signal. The following setup makes the assumption that one currently has a working CAT setup.

First, I made my own cables.

CAT Serial Plug: TRRS Tip goes to DB9 pin 3, TRRS Ring #1 goes to DB9 Pin 2, TRRS Ring #2 has
no connection (I don’t need the 3.3v for anything), and the sleeve goes to DB9 pin 5.

Audio Plug: Tip+Sleeve- Audio out (to Mike in of Radio), Ring #1 + Sleeve- AF In (from Speaker or other audio from Radio), Ring #2 + Sleeve for PTT.

I then took the CAT Serial Plug and connected it to the radio (a K3). Using WSJT, I connected to the Radio and verified that it worked. Since I use WSJT logging through N1MM+, I got it to work with the following setup:

  1. WSJT: PTT Method is CAT. Nothing else in the Radio Settings needs to be changed.
  2. N1MM+: For the Comport that controls the radio, you need to check “CW/Other”.
    Then click on “set”, and make sure DTR is “Always Off” and RTS is “PTT”.

Since I plan to use this method of CAT control, I went back to the standalone versions of DXLog, N1MM+, and WSJT to make sure they all worked with the correct setup.

If you need help with getting this setup. please feel free to contact me

Dennis W1UE

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