Digirig + Soundmodem+ Outpost Buffer

I am using Digirig with Soundmodem to log onto a BBS and retrieve emails (ARES BBS using Outpost). If the email is very short, no problem. However, if it is more than a few lines long, it seems to time out. I can see about 1/2 of the email downloading then it stops and it never totally downloads.

I am thinking maybe there is a buffer size setting, but new to all of this. If anyone can offer suggestions, much appreciated.


Digirig is a soundcard and there is no issue to continuously send or receive audio with it. The timeout maybe on your transceiver or the remote station. For a test just try holding PTT without even Digirig connected. Do you get the timeout?

Thanks, but I now see where the data is coming across to the soundcard, so I guess it is working OK, but only half the message gets into Outpost, so it may be an outpost setting. There was some init commands that outpost suggested I put into a modem doing AWGPE, I put them in the soundmodem init file but seems to still be a problem.

I think the problem is, is that the command prompt that soundmodem sends back is not compatible with the BBS I am on. Is there a way to change the command prompt in sound modem?

I may be wrong on this, but I would think that if any of the principal settings were off, you wouldn’t be able to exchange any emails, short or long.

Good point but for some reason it downloads half the email then soundmodem sends a command and thats where outpost hangs

Hi Joe, I am embarking on a similar use of Digirig with Outpost and want to ask a related question. What Outpost TNC did you select or create to get Outpost to treat VARA FM as an operable TNC? - Jeff AJ6LG

That’s frustrating when a client can’t handle long messages.

I do not know Outpost or how to configure it.

I use EasyTerm written by UZ7HO, the author of soundmodem, to communicate with packet nodes and BBS systems. It is not a mail client, but it sends commands to the BBS to list, read, forward, delete, compose, and send mail/messages via packet BBS.

Maybe it can be a workaround for you.

73 Constrainted