Digirig & the Inovoto Quadra

Has anyone tried the digirig with the quadra and a G90? I have rig control and I can receive - but i can’t tell if I am transmitting - wjtx says I am but the radio doesn’t appear to be transmitting.

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I checked and it looks like Inovoto Quadra is RPi equivalent. Digirig works with Linux so they should get along just fine. Let us know your findings if you decide to give it a try.

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I am using a Digirig with a Quadra to run Fldigi. My radio, however, is a TH-9800. So far it is running more reliably than the RPi4 I was using before.

I can’t say for certain that the Quadra is more resilient than the RPi, because I changed several variables simultaneously, but I was having an issue with Fldigi freezing up on all models of RPi in that area of my home, which I now believe was caused by RFI. The Quadra has not frozen up yet.

The Quadra did power cycle on me once when I swapped radios while it was still running, but that is the only time that has happened (it happened right when I plugged in the new radio).

I did not have to force the order of the sound cards on the Quadra like with the RPi to keep fldigi working. The Quadra seems to boot them in the same order each time (there is only the HDMI and the digirig present, since the headset jack is deactivated on quadras).

Overheating is an issue on the Quadra. Typing btop into the terminal brings up a tool to monitor temp. I am making due with passive cooling, mounting vertically with the USB 3.0 port facing up, but if I plug in the USB hub, or open a browser window while running fldigi, it begins heating up quickly.

On their forum someone posted plans for deactivating two of the four processor cores, and that reportedly maintains the Quadra below the 100 degree shutdown point.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe a hole could be cut in the case to make room for a bigger and better heatsink, and allowing for better ventilation. A small USB fan could potentially be mounted over the heatsink with standoffs, if needed, and powered by the quadra itself.

The Quadra is a fun, clean little device, and the price point of around $35 begs for experimentation.

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I have the “built In audio” profile off, and the cm108 (digirig??) as Digital Stereo output + Mono Input.
Does that sound right? I still don’t seem to be transmitting - the radio’s light goes red which means flrig is “making it transmit” but I don’t think I am sending any signal through.
I have an old signal link that I ordered the cable for so that may be the fall back - but I would love to just master the digirig!!

Thanks for all the other info you provided - I am building a master file about all the tips and tricks!!

Yes, Digirig uses CM108. Sounds you like you have PTT working, but no audio getting on the air.
Please check the troubleshooting guide for the information on diagnosing this issue. You can use regular stereo headphones to check if audio is outputted to Digirig’s connector. If it does then the issue is between the cable and radio. Otherwise likely the software configuration.