Digirig to G90 Microphone port

Can I use a digirig to send audio to the microphone port of a G90. I think VOX keying would work. If yew, is there a cable available?

Steve KI0KY

you could but why?

the port in the back works fine business for data modes.
use it all the time for FT8 POTA off the motorcycle.
xiegu g90 and x5105 paired with the digirig is pretty sweet.

either cat control keying OR serial rts keying from the digirig is solid and really preferred for quick turn around digital modes like vara.

i’d guess you’d have to homebrew a cable, one that also loops over to the ‘headphone’ jack to get your rx audio.

you could wire the serial rts ptt to the mic ptt line as well and not use vox.

hope that helps, good luck

thanks for yur reply.

My G90 stopped responding to audio sent through the data port.

makes sense.

i apologize for the following questions:
(thinking about my g90 and hoping it doesn’t break)

did you happen to update the firmware?
there was a shift that changed the way the g90 accesses the rear port.

took awhile to get used to it but i like it now.
used to use the menu to select audio source.
now you use the mode buttons to select u-d or l-d for rear port and usb or lsb for mic port.

pretty spiffy.

anyway, good luck with the work around.