Digirig will trigger the radio....but there is no signal being created by winlink express

I can’t get winlink express to work with my new digirig…is there anyone who can walk me thru the steps of setup?

That sounds frustrating. What have you tried?

There is a Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig which can help. After that, Troubleshooting Digital Modes.

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Another approach is to look at Topics tagged mode-winlink.

I realize that’s not a walk-through.

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That’s fine…i appreciate you taking the time. I have already tried almost all of those fixes but i will keep trying. Thanks!

From the fact you didn’t mention any virtual TNC software (varaFM, varaHF, soundmodem), my suspicion is that you are trying to use Digirig as a TNC by pointing Winlink to its COM port instead of using Digirig as a sound card which it is.

Please check some of the numerous video tutorials on using Winlink with the sound card based interfaces.

could you give me a link…i have searched you tube and can’t find anything i really appreciate it
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That is great that you have PTT working. You might be very close to success.

@Steven_Springer if you have looked at other threads, you have seen users troubleshoot by posting screenshots of their configuration windows. Can you post some of your configuration windows here?

On win11 I use WinButton-Shift-S to do screenshotting.

Despite Denis @K0TX asking, you have not told us if you are using Vara or soundmodem. We don’t know what OS or radio you are using.

Try googling “your radio” “your software modem” Winlink “your OS”
if you can’t post configuration windows.

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I am using soundmodem. I now have it creating the signal, but i can’t get it to go thru the digirig…i hear the signals thru my computer speakers only. The ptt is working

i am using windows 10…i have tried changing the outputs to the digirig, but i still hear the signal thru the computer speaker

I really appreciate your help with this

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i am trying to connect thru a baofeng bf-f8hp

OK. Thanks for that detailed information.

The Digirig has a soundcard which will present devices to the OS, usually called “USB PnP Sound Device” which should appear in the pulldown menus for soundmodem:


Let’s us know what happens when you fix that. Also, I have success with HTs when I use a remote antenna for digital modes.

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not seeing the usb pnp sound device is there a driver i need?

The audio device is CM108 and the driver is usually included in Windows. It may be a naming issue. Using Device Manager, look at the list of audio devices, then unplug the Digirig from the USB port. Then check which devices have disappeared, and they are the Digirig devices.

Let us know what you find.

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These are the options in windows

Windows Sound - recording options.PNG

OK, great! The Digirig device should appear as a choice in soundmodem’s pull-down menu for Settings → Sound Card.

Close and restart soundmodem after reattaching the Digirig.

Let us know what you find.

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soundmodem device option (only once showing besides windows speaker and microphone

even set to this, i still only get the signal from the speakers on the laptop…

Soundmodem device options.PNG

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It is still progress! We are getting close to success.

Do not make Digirig devices the Default Audio device. Assign Default to the computer speaker and microphone, for instance. While you are in there, check to make certain AGC is unset for the Digirig microphone.

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ok…i restarted the laptop, checked the settings and managed to connect to the winlink server.
Thank you so much for your help. I also have a Kenwood V71a do you know of a tutorial for it? There is only 1 winlink server in 5 miles, all of the others are more than 22 miles and the baofeng isn’t reaching them so i wanted to try the v71a since it has a larger wattage available.


Congratulations on reaching a Winlink RMS station!

You can start by checking out Latest kenwood-tm-v71a topics - Digirig Forum.

Do you already have the Kenwood TM-V71A cords for Digirig Mobile – digirig?

To get more performance from the HT, try a magmount 1/4 wave antenna or a rollup J-pole antenna.

I appreciate your thanks, but better to pass your experience along to other newcomers here in the future. You seem to have picked this up quickly.

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