Digirig Windows 10 Yaesu FT-8100

I am trying to setup Dirwolf, Digirig and FT-8100
No CAT connection to the FT-8100
Digirig on Com10 on the Windows computer

Startup text from Direwolf:

Dire Wolf version 1.7
Includes optional support for: cm108-ptt

Reading config file direwolf.conf
Available audio input devices for receive (*=selected):
0: TS-590SG to Computer (4- USB Au
1: X6100 to Computer (3- USB Audio

  • 2: DigiRig5v to Computer (5- USB A (channel 0)
    Available audio output devices for transmit (*=selected):
    0: Computer to TS-590SG (4- USB Au
    1: Computer to X6100 (3- USB Audio
  • 2: Computer to DigiRig5v (5- USB A (channel 0)
    Channel 0: 1200 baud, AFSK 1200 & 2200 Hz, A+, 44100 sample rate.
    Ready to accept AGW client application 0 on port 8000 …
    Ready to accept KISS TCP client application 0 on port 8001 …

Configuration for Direwolf:


If i short the terminals R2 and S on the cable from Digirig to FT-8100 the radio switches to TX, red diode lights, so HW seems OK from Digirig out to radio

How to go forward with troubleshooting?
I use PinPoint APRS to try to send APRS beacons, is there some other software I can use to try to trigger the PTT in Direwolf?

SM0TGY /Tobias

I do not use Direwolf, but I think you will not use cm108-ptt (from the audio device) when Digirig has hardware PTT available. Have you installed the drivers for the CP210x UART USB device?

Denis @K0TX has published two documents, a guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig and another guide, Understanding Rig Control Options – digirig which may help you.

With pinpoint, I use soundmodem, rather than Direwolf, as the software TNC. In your case, do you set the COM port to COM10 in the Pinpoint Options as below:

73 Constrainted

Thank you for the reply, it gave me renewed energy to continue troubleshooting.
I also looked at this video:

So, I have a cable for my old Icom HT. With that cable and using wsjtx as in the video, i get the Icom SE2 to TX

With the cable for the Yaesu, I don’t get TX with WSJTX. But I DO get TX if I short R2 and S on that casble when it is connected to the Yaesu FT8100

With the yaesu cable I DO get TX on an FT-817…

Also tried a third cable for an old Yaesu FT-1802 and it also works…

I’d be inclined to say something is wrong in the FT-8100, but it transmits when I short S and R2…

Any further ideas?

SM0TGY /Tobias

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I will continue to look for a pinout diagram for the connectors. Do you happen to have a manual with pinouts? Do you happen to have a manual with pinouts?

73 Constrainted

I have pinouts from the manuals:

FT-817 (which works as expected)

FT-810(which does not work as expected)

Anything else I can do?



I have managed to get the TX PTT to work on this radio, with one of my two digirigs, but I seem to have other issues, maybe unrelated.
I start a separate thread on that.



Hi Tobias,
Would you be able to share your successful settings on your app? I’m trying to use WSJTX and may be able to compare few things to make it work.
Thank you.

Go to
file - settings
Radio tab
Rig: none
PTT Method - RTS checked
Port: Whichever com port you have for the Digirig

Then test PTT and it should work


@SM0TGY I think it may be important for @wbatistella to know if you swapped pin 2 and 3 in the 6-pin cable to get PTT working on the FT-8100.

73 Constrainted

C your text made me look at the pinouts more carefully and only then did I realise that pin 2 and pin 3 are swapped between the two schematics I shared.

I can get the FT-8100 to PTT using wsjt-x byt with Direwolf/PinPoint, I do not PTT for long enough that the led turns from green to red, but long enough to triger the fan speed increase of the radio.

I haven’t swapped the pins and am I tight in assuming that that is what you suggest, Constrainted?
How to do that? Inside the radio? The cable connector itself seems moulded in plastic.
A 3.5mm TRRS female to male adapter with R2 and S swapped?



Maybe @K0TX can comment here. I’ll go ahead and say that I prototype cables with breakout cables, like this:


in this post.

73 Constrainted

The two cable schematics are equivalent, just using different pin numbering.


MiniDin6 is one of the few industry standard connections and I wouldn’t overthink it. Also, if the problem was with the cable, it would manifest itself every time regardless of the software you are using. The issue is likely with the software configuration.

You can always confirm the PTT functionality of the cable by simulating it from Digirig’s side of the cable as shown here:

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Thank you guys,
I’ve checked and the PTT does work as expected. Though I don’t have communication with the radio.
I’ll keep digging into it as it must be with the radio itself.
Thank you again.