Digirig, WInlink Express on Windows 10, Yeasu 857D VHF setup troubles

I just got a Digilink for Christmas. I also got the Digilink cables for my Yeasu 857D.
I downloaded Winlink Express onto my Widows 10 computer. I see the devices in device manager and CHIRP can comm with my 857 over the digilink cables.
I have never done digital modes before, so I am a total noob to this. I am trying to configure Winlink and have no idea how to configure it.
Does anyone have step by step instructions for this? I have spent hours trying to figure it out.


There isn’t much specifics related to Digirig so you can just start watching/reading general information on the modes of your interest.

If you are new to digital modes I would recommend starting with something a bit simpler like FT8.
To use Winlink with Digirig, you’ll also need install and configure software TNC software. VaraHF is a popular choice.

Appreciate the attempt, but that doesn’t really help me much.
I am totally new to digital modes and trying to understand what all is needed.
Using on 2 meter only at the time.
I have fldigi working mostly.
I downloaded VARAHF and installed it, but have no idea how to set it up to work over the digirig or how to configure it within Winlink.
So what I really need is how to setup Winlink to use over a Digirig…

Glad to hear you made progress with fldigi.
If you plan to use it on 2m/FM what you need is VaraFM configured with Winlink. VaraHF is for HF/SSB.

Here’s the video of the setup with a typical FM HT:

Additional information can be found in Vara Modem Group.

Search for this post.
Config Instructions for Yaesu FT-857 and Winlink . I created a set of instructions and hope they will help you. GL.

Rick, K7RCR

I use UZ7HO Soundmodem running on my PC, and a Digirig as the interface between the radio and my Yaesu FT-857D. Soundmodem acts as a software packet TNC which works quite well with Winlink. Not all areas have a VHF Winlink RMS so even if you do set it up correctly, you still may not make a successful connection. You can check on the Winlink.org website to see if there is a VHF RMS in your area. Digirig works equally well with VARA FM and VARA HF if you would also like to try them. There are many YouTube videos on the subject, and the winlink.org website has some fine tutorials as well.

Did you end up getting it up and running?

I am looking for what the FT-857 seetings should be to work with the DigiRig modem.
Having issues getting it to work with my BPQ setup through UZ7HO. The UZ7HO setting seem to be pretty straight up, I would jkust like to stare and compare the FT-857 setting with someone that has the DigiRig interface working through any Modem or soundcard.


Here’s a screenshot of the settings I use for my 857D with WSJTX. The application settings are important, but equally important is following the steps to set the PC up to use the Digirig, and also the radio settings you select.

Have you taken a trip through the DigiRig setup steps and set the radio up to match?

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I have found it unnecessary to even use the data cable with the FT-857D when doing VHF packet (with UZ7HO Soundmodem) or VARA FM. I do not use the CAT settings at all, and instead have the PTT signal sent over the voice line. As I tune the radio manually when connecting to my local VHF Winlink RMS, or VARA FM RMS, the CAT settings are not needed. It is a different story when using the rig on HF, say for FT8 or JS8CALL, or even HF Winlink. Those applications do change the frequency on the rig, so a CAT connection is important.

Here are the Soundmodem settings that I use with the FT857D:


These settings work perfectly for me. I have also found that if I have Soundmodem running on the PC connected to the radio, I can point any other application that needs a TNC to the IP address of the host computer with the appropriate port number. For example, I can run Winlink on a laptop anywhere on my network, and have it connect to TCP Host/Port, port 8100. The IP address is that of the computer on my network actually running Soundmodem. It is helpful if you set up a static IP address for the host computer on your network.

I hope this helps.


Hello, you have probably found all of this. But here is my version.
FT857 Settings
This is what I use for my radio to work with VARA FM at either 1200 bps or 9600 bps.
Yaesu menus:
Press and hold the FUNC button for one second.
Using the Select Knob goto menu:
001 if this is set to off turn it (ON)
019 CAT RATE use the value of your connection to your computer.
020 Select (CAT)
036 Zero (0) Hz
037 D.gain (50) works for me
038 D.Mode (USER U)
039 D.Shift (0) Zero
040 D.Vox (0) Zero
059 MIC Sel (NOR).
Settings for VARA FM:
071 PKT 1200 (50) default
072 PKT 9600 (50) default
073 PKT RATE (1200) default or (9600) for the GREEN CABLE.* note 1
When you are finnished with the set up press and hold SELECT for one second to save your work.
VARA setup
Choose FM System (NARROW) default or (WIDE) for 9600 opperations
PTT = COM port (COM7) my computer, & PTT Pin = RTS.
Set Your Sound card to match DIGI RIG USB Sound Device for Input and Output.
Then Press Auto Tune and run the test.
If you are aproved the get to working Winlink.
If you are Not approved make the adjustments to the settings and test again.
The Sound Card Screen will let you know what you will need to adjust, either Speaker Volume or Microphone Volume.
On my Windows 10 Laptop the settings are
(Speakers 25) and (Recording 25) this works for me.
Note 1> If you want to run at 9600 BPS you will have to change the setting on the radio 073 PKT RATE from 1200 to 9600 and change to the GREEN AUDIO Cable. Also note that VARA FM needs to be changed from NARROW to WIDE in settings (VARA Setup).

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I’m also working with an 857D, trying to set up VHF packet Winlink. I followed the instructions jrpefx and N6UNH provided.

When I use the Soundmodem Calibration tool, both the high and low tones sound exactly the same. I expect that would cause problems - how can I troubleshoot that?