Digirig with Direwolf and Raspberry Pi


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running Direwolf. I have a digirig that I am trying to interface with a Kenwood TM-271. Direwolf is opening up fine and showing it recognizes the Digirig as a sound card. Every other setup I have seen the soundcard will show up as 1 or 2, this one is coming up as 3. So I in the direwolf software I am pointing it to the 3. It doesn’t appear to be using the digirig, as I have built a interface cable to communicate with the Kenwood. I am using PTT, GRD, TXD, RXD. When I look at ALSA in the Pi itself, it is saying there is no card to control.

I am going cross eyed to try and figure out how to interface this digirig with the direwolf, but apparently I am missing a step. Does the digirig need to have drivers to talk to direwolf? Is it that card 3 that is causing the problem? I am assuming that the digirig will send ptt through the direwold program but maybe that is where i am missing a step. Any help would be apprecaited.

I don’t have any experience with Direwolf on Linux, check other related post to see if there’s good info: Topics tagged software-direwolf

As for Digirig, it doesn’t require any special drivers because its sound card is a standard device.
The PTT is handled via RTS signal of the serial port. The Silicon Labs CP2102 UART chip may need a driver if not automatically recognized by the system.

This seems to be the best help I have found on youtube concerning windows and Linux setup with the digirig. I am running a Pi 4 also.


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I agree it looks like a good guide for direwolf and packet because the author has a written guide with screenshots of the configuration windows:

Ultimate Direwolf TNC Installation Guide for Windows and Linux - TheModernHam

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