DigiRig with Elecraft KX3 and Ham Radio Deluxe

My DigiRig mobile is not working well with my Elecraft KX3.
The KX3 can transmit PSK-31 automatically or be driven by a computer. The automatic mode works. Using the DR connected to KX3 transmits but the receiver does not decode the message. I tried different bands and configurations. No joy. I am using Ham Radio Deluxe with DR and that does not seem to transmit PSK okay.
I receive on an Elecraft KX2, sitting nearby. If KX3 is sending using internal PSK-D option, the KX2 receives it fine. If I connect the DR, the KX2 does not decode (KX2 decodes PSK-31 automatically).
73 WD0UG Doug

I’m not familiar with the HRD and KX specifics, but we can look at the issue in more general terms. Digirig facilitates:

  1. audio from radio
  2. audio to radio
  3. PTT control
  4. CAT control

Depending on the digital mode, you should be getting the decodes with just #1 working. If you don’t then we’ll need to start with the basics:

Thanks. The reference to ‘setup instructions’, if followed carefully, solved the problem. My KX3 now can send PSK31 to my KX2 using DigiRig Mobile.
73 Doug WD0UG

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Doug, thank you for the update. Glad to hear you are all set. If not too much trouble, please share the screenshots of the HRD configuration in case somebody else runs into the same issue and looking for solution.

Setup Elecraft KX3 and DigiRig Mobile for PSK-31 - using Ham Radio Deluxe v6.8 - WD0UG
NOTE: Does not allow for use of Elecraft PX3

Plug in DigiRig Mobile into computer USB port
Windows 10 and 11 will load driver automatically

Open Settings; Run: ‘Device manager’
Go to ‘Ports (COM & LPT)’
Note what COM port has been assigned to Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge
Right-mouse on that port
Port Settings Bits per second should be 38400 / 8 / none / 1

Set Master volume = 50
Output / Choose your output device / Select ‘Speakers’
Choose the DigiRig output device. Rename it to ‘DigiRig Output’
Now Choose your output device again / Select 'DigiRig Output (2 - USB PnP Sound Device)
Spatial sound = uncheck; Balance = 50% L and 50% R

Input / Choose your input device / Select ‘Microphone’
Choose the DigiRig input device. Rename it to ‘DigiRig Mic’

Ham Radio Deluxe Ver
Serial port will be: e.g., Elecraft Kx3 COM7 38400 (from earlier step)

Select: COM Port TX Configuration / COM Port Pin = None

Digital Master 780 (DM780) is launched by HRD Rig Control
Tools / Modes / Modes Manager / Select: BPSK-31
Tools / License Manager (Enter Callsign and Software Activation key
Tools / My Station / Enter Callsign and other stuff

Tools / Program Options / PTT / Select: via Ham Radio Deluxe
Tools / Program Options / Soundcard / Input (Receive) / Device: Select 'DigiRig Mic
Tools / Program Options / Soundcard / Output (Transmit) / Device: Select ‘DigiRig Output’
Tools / Program Options / Soundcard / Output (Transmit) Select 0dB
Tools / Program Options / Soundcard / Headset Monitor / Microphone: ‘Microphone’ Earphone: ‘Speakers’
Tools / Program Options / Soundcard / Press ‘Soundcard Calibration’ and do RX and TX

Connect DigiRig cables
Connect antenna to KX3
Power on KX3
Set KX3 PWR to 0.1 to 5 Watts
Select frequency e.g., 7.070 (other PSK31 frequencies online)
Set Mode = USB
Set Data = ‘DATA A’

In DM780 / BPSK-31 / press CQ x 2 option – you will be transmitting

73 WD0UG Doug

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Thank you for sharing the config!