Digirig with FT8 Decoder App and iOS

I tested a Digirig with the iOS Ft8 Decoder app on my iPad. I used my FT-818 radio and was able to get consistent decodes on the iPad. I could not transmit however. The app developer suggests that the VOX needs to to st correctly and it will transmit. If anyone has any experience with this or a similar setup, please chime in with suggestions or systems that worked with this app.


VOX would be the last resort option for PTT behind RTS and CAT.

Please share the pictures of the software configuration screen responsible for PTT. I’ll try to make suggestions. Please also note if you use anything other than the recent revision of the interface (rev 1.6-1.9) and the store cables for FT-8xx.

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I’m assuming you used a compact c cable to connect to the digirig. Is there away to connect to it using Lightning cable?