Digirig With KX3 and Win4k3 Spectrum Scope

I’m using Win4k3 to control my KX3, and would like to activate the Spectrum Scope feature of the software. It requires a connection from the RX I/Q jack on the KX3 into a stereo audio adapter. My Macbook Pro (Intel based running Windows 10) requires an external stereo soundcard, so I was curious whether there has been any investigation on using the Digirig for this. It would require that the audio chord between the KX3 and Digirig have a 2.5mm stereo plug for the RX I/Q jack in addition to the current 3.5mm plugs for the Phone and Mic jacks. Thanks.

I/Q requires stereo (2 channel) audio. Although the codec IC inside Digirig has this capability, only one channel (left) is routed to the audio connector. Other channel (right) is available as through-hole test point. Although it is possible with some homebrewing to rewire Digirig for stereo output, that will make it unusable for the intended purpose: two way digital modes. Instead, you can just use a cheap off-the-shelve USB sound card for I/Q input.

OK. Thanks for answering my question.