Digirig with Motorola XTS2500 (Baofeng to Motorola M1 to XTS)

Hi all,

I got a couple of DigiRigs last year hoping to be able to use them with some Motorola XTS2500s and 5000s. I’d ordered them with hardware PTT already done, because the XTSs don’t have VOX. The XTS input is a multipin proprietary connector, but there is an XTS to Motorola M1 adapter available…so I figured I’d make a K1 female to M1 Male adapter, and the Baofeng Digirig cable should work fine.

Cut to a year later, I still hadn’t made the K1-M1 adapters, but I found that BTech now makes a K1F to M1 Male for their new commercial GMRS radio. I ordered a couple of these, and two new sets of Digirig Baofeng (K1) cables and finally sat down to get all this working. It turns out, I’m not able to get the Digirigs to key up yet at all, even on a Baofeng. I have confirmed that the XTS2500 will key up using an M1 microphone when connected to the XTS adapter.

The setup is Windows 10 with Fldigi. The Digirig does show up as USB PnP Sound Device and SiLabs 210x etc like it’s supposed to. I renamed the Digirig and set the speaker and internal mic back to default as the instructions state, and all sound enhancements on the Digirig mic and speaker side are disabled. The BLACK Digirig Baofeng cable is plugged into the audio input on the Digirig, then the K1-M1 adapter, then to the M1-XTS adapter. I have Digirig set to the proper COM port (5), and I did go into Fldigi and set Use RTS checked under Hardware PTT.

I can’t get the Digirigs to key up at all, even on a Baofeng without the intervening K1-M1 and M1-XTS adapters.

Can anyone help?


I don’t know if it’s relevant, but I just opened one of my Digirigs up and it’s a V1.5.

Yes, it’s relevant. The cables currently available in store use TRRS connections are intended for Digirig 1.6 or later. Digirig 1.5 used TRS connectors. It is possible to configure Digirig 1.5 for hardware PTT and use it with different cables as described here:

If you are interested I can dig into the boxes to see if I have K1 cables for Digirig 1.5 or materials to make them.