Digirig with N1MM+ and a G90

I want to start using N1MM+ for logging but more so as a CW Keyer because I am completely inept at manually keying CW.

Has anyone setup a G90 with N1MM+ where CAT , etc. is setup to be handled by N1MM+? Anyone done it with any device?

I tried setting up using FDigi as an “engine” but when I load N1MM my G90 automatically goes into transmit mode.

I did order a Winkey USB mini , but I’m thinking it will still need me to have N1MM setup for playing nice with my G90.

Thanks for any help, new world for me, I’ve done FDigi / WSJTX and OmniRig / WSJTX, but nothing with N1MM.

Please post the screenshot of your current FlDigi configuration (transceiver and ptt). I’ll suggest adjustments.

Thanks K0TX

Try PTT by RTS with corresponding selection in the drop down there:


Also G90’s manual calls for 1 stop bit, not two.

Radioddity - Xiegu G90, CAT and Digital modes V1.0_20210623.pdf (954.1 KB)

Does anyone have G90 settings for N1mm?