Digirig with Raspberry PI and Direwolf to a KW TW4000

I have been getting a fast sound burst when the YAAC tx to the radio .
I have the speed set right at 1200 for VHF. I can not seem to get it to work.
it receive fine…

Where are you hearing the sound? Computer speakers? Radio monitoring the APRS frequency?

73 Constrainted

I am hearing it when the radio TX out . and when it dose it sound like the TX is to fast for the radio.
I hear it with another radio.

If direwolf is like soundmodem, you can adjust or lengthen the delay. A usual range to try is 150ms to 350ms. Are you on the APRS frequency, 144.390? The APRS sound is not musical. You will hear and see replies if your signal is being heard.

73 Constrainted

I found out what was wrong the radio as a bad final…
TX David

Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the repair.

73 Constrainted