Digirig with Windows ii external Bluetooth speaker

Hi I have my Digirig configured per the site details and I’m receiving FT8 signals. But I would like to know how to configure my bluetoooth spearker so it works. It pairs OK and works fine on my laptop. Was wondering if I could use my Digirig while at the same time listen to Youtube. I have a bluetooth headset that works fine but not the bluetooth speaker. Any ideas on how I can get it working?

it should just come down to selecting the desired ‘sound device’ for each application.

so, youtube, i’m guessing is through a web browser.
you would check the settings in the web browser and have it use the bluetooth speaker ‘sound device’.

unfortunately, this setting would have to be manually changed each time you want to use something else.

if you wanted the web browser to play through the built in speakers, or back to headset etc etc.

i do digital modes while watching episodes of quincy all the time.
media player classic is set to use the HDMI audio device of my 4th monitor while ham radio deluxe is set to use a usb ‘sound device’.

all windows ‘noises’ are set to use speaker output of the motherboard ‘sound device’.

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Make certain that the Digirig USB audio devices are not default audio devices.

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