DigRrig with Alinco DR-140E

Good afternoon, my friend has an old Alinco DR-140E he wants to use with DigiRig. He has a laptop running Windows 10. Would anyone know if an interface cable is available. It appears that a mic interface will be required since there is no data jack that I could find. Manually tuning the radio won’t be a problem since it will be used with the local VHF net. Thanks for any help. Regards, Don Dygert KT1OK.

I’m not finding the mic pinout for Alinco DR-140E. From the pictures it looks like it uses RJ-45 connector. With these smaller brands borrowing the existing designs there is a good possibility that something like ICOM RJ-45 cable will work. Still, confirming the pinout first would be prudent.

Good afternoon Denis. Thanks. I was able to find the pinout for the radio. Tomorrow, I will check it against the cable you identified. Will keep you informed. 73, Don Dygert KT1OK

Sounds good. Please keep us posted on your findings.
Here’s the pinout for the store cable:

Good afternoon, Here is the pinout for the radio. The parent document is the user manual. Thanks for the sketch. It will make it easier to prepare my cable. Thanks! Don Dygert KT1OK


Thanks for the info. That looks like a match with the store cable.

Good morning,
Ordered the Digirig mobile with the cable. Will keep you informed about the hookup.
73, KT1OK

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